A Researcher In The Field of Mephedrone Science

My name is José Luis Gallego. I live in Coro, second largest town in Venezuela. I teach organic chemistry at National Experimental University of Francisco de Miranda.

I want to spread mephedrone science to everyone to reduce the number of overdoses and unwanted effects, as well as provide full access to all available 4mmc science information. This blog is dedicated to phenomena in science and society I deem important.

That includes use of psychoactive drugs (legal or not), social destigmatization of such use, harm reduction and other useful advices on the topic. In my blog you will find all interesting information about the most famous euphoretic – mephedrone (4-mmc).

mephedrone science

Here I have collected the largest knowledge base about this psychoactive substance: the history of synthesis, all available scientific studies, information about the consequences of use, as well as harm reduction from mephedrone use and first aid in emergency situations related to 4mmc overdose.

I do not sell drugs or promote the use of drugs! Only science!