Different Mephedrone fractions and their differences

Safety in use

What are mephedrone fractions?

There are different product forms of mepehdrone on the global market: crystals, crystal powder, powder and flour. The most clean form is crystalline, which is obtained by recristallization of mephedrone powder or directly from mephedrone free base. By the way, crystal powder and flour may have the same purity as crystals by reason that they was made from large crystals by a grinding.

Three mephedrone form: crystals, crystal powder, powder and flour

All product forms have same psyco effects after consumption and same molecular formula. Some people thing that crystals are more powerful, but this is a delusion. The fact is that crystals have a higher density than a highly dispersed mephedrone powder. A consumer unknowingly uses a larger dose at a time than for flour, hence the resulting effect is more significant.

Mephedrone hydrochloride crystals are obtained during crystallization procedure. This procedure gives large and small crystals with certain conditions. When crystals are formed, there are three fractions of product. First one is the purest large crystal fraction, it is the best and homogenous fraction of mephedrone hydrochloride racemic salt. Second fraction is small crystals, which have some by-product of synthesis and precursores. Third fraction is the dirtiest one, which is obtained from crystalization of mother liquid. Second and third fractions are represented on the pictures below. These fractions can be purefied and recristalized as well in order to get the purest mephedron fraction.

Secodnd and third crystalization fractions of mephedrone hydrochloride

Mephedrone fractions differences

A psycho effects differences can be significant or not. It is depends on reaction conditions and chemist skills. Amount of by-products influence on product power, effects and their durations. Also, by-products amount influence on a health harm value. These substances, probably, have negative toxic effects, which haven’t well studied yet. It is always better to carry out mephedrone purification in case your product looks suspicious.

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Mephedrone hydrochloride (salt) is quite seldom spoiled with by-product or adulterants by reason that it is cheap and easy to produce synthetic analog of cocaine. In addition, it can be simply purified and tested. Although mephedrone can be sold in different forms and fractions, you need few time to make it pure as a child tear to get a hight.