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This post is written to inform consumers about purification possibility in order to reduce their health harm. 4-Methylmethcathinone is a powerful synthetic stimulant drug, cheap empathogen and euphoretic. It is known that mephedrone extensively consumed and widespreaded. Huge amount of drugs on a dark market is sold without any purification with enormous number of side synthesis products. A consuming of such products can cause a physical and psychological harm. Purification is a best way to minimize risks of mephedrone consumption.

I’ll show the easiest home purification method for crude mephedrone in this topic. It doesn’t take a chemical laboratory or professional glassware. You just need a kitchen and some stuff, which you can buy in any grocery store or pharmacy.

You need:

  • Mephedrone for purification;
  • The mixture of ethyl acetate:acetone, 4:1. It takes 20 ml of mixture for each 1 g of mephedrone;
  • Metal vessel for water bath and evaporation procedure;
  • A filter paper or coffee filters;


Suspension preparation

1. The mephedrone powder is poured into vessel with ethyl acetate and acetone mixture.

2. Next, the mixture is stirred thoroughly until a suspension is obtained.

Heating and evaporation

3. The water bath is put onto the burner

After that, the mixture is poured onto metal plate or another flat heat-proof vessel

Then, the plate is placed onto a water bath

Cooling and precipitation

4. Although pure mephedrone is crystallized partially by reason that it is not dissolved in acetone, but it is dissolved in ethyl acetate partially. Side organic substances, which have to be removed from mephedrone, are dissolved in acetone.

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The one-third solution is evaporated

5. Next, the solution is cooled down to room temperature. The plate with solution is put into a fridge for 2 ho (3-5 °C).

Filtration and washing

6. The plate with product is taken from the fridge.

7. Mephedrone crystals are scraped off from side edges

The mixture is filtered

8. Crystals are washed on the filter by 2-3 portions of cold dry acetone and air dried.


As I wrote before, the procedure isn’t difficult. It have to be mentioned that the mother liquor (the filtered solution) contains additional ~5-10% of mephedrone. Also, you can evaporate three-quarter of this solution until crystals are appeared and repeat stages 5-8. Bingo! You got pure mephedrone and can be sure that it is not so dangerous to use as before.

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  1. Are there advantages using this method versus only using dry acetone?

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