What does mephedrone smell like?

Safety in use

Can mephedrone smell like fish? Why are some people very sensitive to the smell of mephedrone and have a gag reflex at the mere thought of it? You can read about these and other questions in this publication.

The black market offers a huge variety of synthetic drugs that look similar to each other. Cathinone-type stimulants are particularly popular nowadays. By their physical and chemical properties they resemble catecholamines and human neurotransmitters, so after entering the body they bind to specific receptors, which causes a number of clinical effects.

Mephedrone properties

Mephedrone is a synthetic drug that belongs to the group of sympathomimetic amines. Its original form is an oily, difficult-to-volatile liquid with unstable properties. For recreational use, solid forms are prepared by oxidation, resulting in salts such as sulfate, phosphate and hydrochloride.

What does mephedrone smell like? How can you smell 4mmc?

The odor of mephedrone, like most amines, is pungent, unpleasant and fish-like. Depending on the type of acid used during crystallization, it can have different variations. Occasionally, manufacturers try to mask the organoleptic properties with flavored additives, which does little to save the situation.

The taste of mephedrone is, for the most part, sharply bitter. That is why it is tried to be consumed together with sweet drinks, such as juices or tea. The complexity of the crystal form can somewhat change the properties of the product, but in the classic version, the process of introducing the substance is rather unpleasant.

What does mephedrone smell like? How can you smell 4mmc?

Physicochemical properties of mephedrone (4mmc)

Mephedrone Hydrochloride (4-methylmethcathinone hydrochloride) is a synthetic psychoactive drug that belongs to the family of substituted cathinones. It has a molecular formula of C11H15NO*HCl and a molecular weight of 241.7 g/mol.

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Mephedrone is a derivative of cathinone, which is a naturally occurring stimulant found in the khat plant. However, unlike cathinone, Mephedrone is a synthetic compound that is produced in a laboratory.

The chemical structure of Mephedrone Hydrochloride consists of a phenethylamine core with a methyl group attached to the alpha carbon, a ketone group attached to the beta carbon, and a methylene bridge between the phenyl ring and the amino group. The hydrochloride salt of Mephedrone is added to increase its solubility in water and enhance its stability.

Forms for illegal sales

Obtaining mephedrone in crystalline form allows it to be distributed widely. The drug is sold as a light powder, crumbly stones, pressed tablets/capsules/solutions (rarely). Usually the product is taken orally, drawn in by the nose and rubbed into the mucous membranes (mouth, rectum). Mephedrone hydrochloride (MEPH / MCAT) is suitable for smoking, but it is not easy to obtain.

The synthesis process is quite labor-intensive, so «cooks» rarely concern themselves with the qualitative purification of compounds.

What does mephedrone smell like? How can you smell 4mmc?

According to toxicochemical analysis data, in mephedrone EU countries, the content of the main substance barely reaches 40%. It is brought to its final mass by the addition of cheap carbohydrates (starch, glucose) and stimulants such as caffeine or ephedrine.

The color of the «pure» product should be white, the type of salt (sulfate or phosphate) does not play a role. In practice, it varies from light yellow to pinkish-brown, indicating insufficient purification of the substance. Depending on the reagents used in the manufacture, impurities may give mephedrone a different taste and odor (odor mephedrone).

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Effects on the body and mephedrone smell like

Mephedrone directly affects the activity of the central nervous system while being a sympathomimetic. Structurally, it is derived from phenylethylamine, which is considered the source of the main neurotransmitters – dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. They are responsible for the course of key biochemical processes in the brain – formation of motivation, emotions, pleasant feelings, regulation of sleep, appetite, sensual pleasure.

What does mephedrone smell like? How can you smell 4mmc?

The psychostimulant effect allows users to go up to 6 hours without sleep and rest on the background of an elevated mood, followed by a phase of «decline». The formation of physical dependence is still a controversial issue. However, mental addiction develops rapidly after several regular episodes of use.

«Withdrawal» after taking mephedrone is manifested mainly in the form of CNS-negative effects. The patient’s mood is sharply depressed, depression, psychosis, panic attacks, sleep disturbance, psychomotor disorders are possible. Prolonged use leads to exhaustion, immunosuppression, dystrophic damage to internal organs.


Mephedrone hydrochloride is a stimulant drug that has become increasingly popular among recreational drug users. While the drug has not been thoroughly studied, users report feelings of euphoria, energy, and alertness after taking mephedrone hydrochloride, and can also be used to treat certain conditions. However, it is important to remember that this substance has its own risks, such as addiction and physical dependence. Therefore, it is important to use it responsibly and consult a doctor if any adverse effects occur.