Sex And Mephedrone: Pleasure Or Risk?


People take substances for various reasons. Someone for new insights, someone for success at work, someone for relaxation, communication, and new sensations.

In the case of Mephedrone, you can experience very vivid emotions and moments. Respondents in one old but revealing study note self-confidence, high sociability, euphoria, disinhibition of sexual fantasies, and willingness to experiment. This accelerates acquaintance and intimacy with new people and also increases the likelihood of sexual intercourse (sex and mephedrone).

The latter is also facilitated by reactions at the physiological level: blood flow to the genitals, sexual arousal, increased sexual desire, and desire to masturbate. Stable erection, prolonged sex, intense orgasm for men, hypersensitivity, and powerful and multiple orgasms for women are also mentioned.

At the same time, it`s noted that atypical physical reactions like impotence and anorgasmia, characteristic of stimulants and euphoretics, are less characteristic of Mephedrone.

Risks for sex and mephedrone

Sex And Mephedrone: Pleasure Or Risk?

But each attraction has its price. And easy communication, quickly turning into bright sex under Mephedrone is no exception. What you need to know and keep in mind if you plan to have sex under this substance:

  • Under the influence of the Mephedrone, there is a decrease in behavior control, excessive trust in strangers, and the risks of unacceptable (for a particular person) types of sex, up to rape. Surround yourself with trusted people or look for new meetings in the right safe places.
  • You should remember about safe sex. Protect yourself. This is banal advice, but under the influence of euphoretics, it may seem to you that condoms only interfere and are not needed at all. Nevertheless, they will help to avoid a lot of problems in the future.
  • There is no need for exploits. Monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and general well-being. Physical activity under Mephedrone can lead to unpleasant side effects in the form of a downed pulse, hypertension, heart pain, and panic reactions.
  • Use lubricants. There may be dryness of the mucous membranes in men. In women, there is an increase in vaginal discharge.
  • Increased activity and friction under Mephedrone create conditions for genitals’ damage. Be careful of yourself and your partner.
  • Please do not apply Mephedrone to the genitals. This may seem like an interesting idea, but Mephedrone is a highly active chemical and it will cause severe chemical burns in sensitive areas.
  • If you practice sex under Mephedrone often, there may be problems with normal sex life and personal shifts. This is due to the depersonalization of sexual intercourse, emotional detachment, and objectification of sexual partners under Method sex.
  • It is worth saying a few words about watching porn and masturbation under Mephedrone – this is a very addictive and destructive activity. It promises problems with socialization and sexual life. Obsessive fixation on achieving orgasm in men is associated with a delay or difficulty in using Mephedrone. Reaching the peak of pleasure becomes the main task, and everything else goes by the wayside. This is an unhealthy situation that can seriously change a person for the worse.
  • Meph-sex significantly increases the risks of forming a dependence on Mephedrone.
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Considering the above, it turns out to be a rather dangerous activity. But capable people can decide for themselves how to spend their time and what to do. The main thing is to know all the pros and cons.

Sex and mephedrone: pleasure or great risk to life?

Safety. Application Points

How to keep the balance? If you want to try something new and bright, there is no desire to sacrifice your health with your psyche. Below you will find some more tips on how to make communication and sex under Mephedrone as safe and pleasant as possible.

Dosages. We will not stop repeating that compliance with dosages is the main thing if you care about your health and want to have a good time. You can watch and read about dosages on Psychonautwiki, Drugs Forum, and Breaking Bad. The latter site also has a separate thread about Mephedrone and sex.

Regularity. Sex under Mephedrone should be less frequent than the use of Mephedrone itself. There is no need to loop these two activities – this is a very addictive combination. We wrote about the regularity of the consumption of Mephedrone itself in an article about tolerance. We believe that frequent is the use of more than once a week.

Set and Settings. Usually, the preparation of the body and the creation of the right atmosphere is revealed in detail for psychedelics. But in our opinion, this item applies to all substances. Especially those that are used for pleasure and have a euphoric component in their action

  • Safe place,
  • fresh moving air and pleasant coolness inside the room,
  • mineral water without gas is available,
  • no important business,
  • no unnecessary and dangerous contacts,
  • suitable lighting,
  • good music,
  • the right person or people nearby.
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With such introductory sessions, the session will be excellent.

Timing. If you take Mephedrone too early or too late, you can get only anxiety, anxiety, and self-doubt instead of a good evening.

The optimal time for foreplay seems to be 50 minutes after using Mephedrone. The active phase of sex should go even later when the peak effect of the substance will decrease. Thanks to this, the sensations will remain intense, and the loads on the heart and blood vessels will be minimal.

Sex and mephedrone: pleasure or great risk to life?

Supporting activities

  • Observe fasting a few hours before the start of the session.
  • Do not forget to drink water in small portions during the process.
  • Ventilate the room, and do not overheat.
  • Take a shower during breaks. Put the water at a neutral temperature – there is no need for cold or hot steam. These are all additional loads on the heart and blood vessels.

As with many recreational activities and substances, if you give free rein to Mephedrone and combine it with sex, it can bring a lot of problems. But we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t want to try something like that. At the same time, it is much better to know what is at stake, what risks await researchers, and how to get around dangerous places. We hope this material helped you.

Thanks for your attention.

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