Trip Report Mephedrone #3


Report title A little Friday meow and a walk on the beach

Method of usenasal

Dosage400 mg (120 mg + 200 mg + 80 mg – track)

Settingwas at home, walking on the beach, talking and doing household chores

Other drugstwo pints of porter and some cannabis through a bong

Weight – 77 kg



Previous trips (trip report mephedrone) I have had previous experiences with a lot of psychoactive substances. The most common ones I used were ecstasy and cannabis. There have been isolated experiences with ketamine, DXM, methamphetamine, amphetamine, magic mushrooms, tramadol, cocaine.

Trip Report Mephedrone #3: 400 mg dose Method of use - nasal

Appearance of the substance

The mephedrone I purchased passed my standard inspection. It is pure white crystals, which have a light beige hue and the typical “aroma” of mephedrone, which has a certain “trail”. I’m lucky: I have access to a harm reduction organisation in my area who have tested the gear I get using complex reagents and tech for both primary and adulterant compounds and it comes up…just methcathinone. So, and I guess I’m preaching to the choir here, but on the off-chance there are others who don’t know this: it pays to know and test what you’re taking. If you’re going to repeatedly and habitually return to a specific compound, that is.

Trip Preface

I’ve had a monumental love affair with ecstasy, but we don’t see each other much anymore, though we love each other dearly and have the best time ever when we get together, which is rarely but always incredible. I’ve also dived into some pretty esoteric molecules, including dissasociatives and sedatives and entheogens in their raw form that I’ve grown or harvested or tracked down. I’m a curious omnivore: I’ve had at least a nibble of everything that’s seemed interesting, within reason. And for various reasons, I always seem to come back to those molecules that work best for my body and mind. And of all the options I’ve come across, the euphoric stimulating ones hit the right notes for me.

Cat’s a stim, of course, and a very good one in my opinion. It’s an amphetamine-class stimulant. How strong, on a scale of coffee to MDPV? Somewhere around dexedrine or amphetamine sulphate. And so for reasons personal and rational, it totally replaced coke for me as a social lubricant and recreational. And I really really REALLY liked coke. In fact, eventually, too fucking much. Was it possible that my career as an underground event organiser and DJ might have led to too many late nights and one too many mornings and too many 4-day weekends on cocaine which I can’t really even remember, apart from the sessions where everyone spoke at once and was fighting for airtime while circling the airport? Could be, could be.

I find that on cat I’m able to be sensible on it, am able to call it a night when I want to, and when I need to sleep (or eat, or fuck – or not, and just cuddle), that’s all possible. OK, the sleeping is made easier by a benzo and a whisky and a spliff on the tail-end, as with any stim. Will you struggle to sleep if you cane it on cat, like other stims? Is this your first upper rodeo? Uhuh. But it doesn’t nearly have as sharp a set of claws on it like coke, crack, meth, 4-FA – all of which I’ve tried but pushed to the side – or (god forbid and thank fuck I have never messed with them) a-PVP, MDPV and all those Other Fucking Potent Cathinones. Ain’t nobody got time for the Spun & Tweaky Show.

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Trip Report Mephedrone

4:30 pm – I was waiting for my friend, because we had agreed to meet him before that to have a meow. By this time he was already outside my house.

4:36 pm Its time for the first lines. I make 4, not too big, not too small. Probably 2030 mg each. I have two to start with, as does my friend (who drives me up the pace in everything), and they don’t hurt my nose at all. Certainly nowhere near as stinging as many other powders.

My mephedrone comes as pure white crystals (like I said above) in a small bag. The rocks are hard, and if you cut through them with a razor, they are pure white. And I always, always make sure I buy this particular variety because it’s important for self-monitoring harm reduction.

Within a minute or two I’m up about 20%. Nothing huge, just… Nice up. Friday, music time, and with these rails I’ve officially declared a weekend.

4:50 pmSo, the first long-awaited effects came. The first thing my body feels is euphoria, it feels like 7 out of 10 now. When I get up from the couch, I feel a tingling in my legs, I started to talk a lot, as did my friend.

Trip Report Mephedrone #3: 400 mg dose Method of use - nasal

5:05 pm Two more up the hooter, this time the same size as before. Again, my friend has his own pace and rolls another track up his nose, but I refrain. I have half a beer and take a short drive to the beach. My driving isn’t impaired at all (if anything, it’s sharper and my alertness helps avoid some muppets on the road).

En route to the beach, I bust out into spontaneous singing (Modest Mouse’s ‘3rd Planet’ this time), and all is well in the world. I find myself thinking about work, and Tetris-ing some puzzle pieces of my week’s work, with a couple of nifty pieces of info suddenly seeming to fit in new ways. I love it when cat brings the plans together like that.

As we drove along, I felt a constant surge of energy, my euphoria growing stronger each time. I felt a constant compression inside my chest, which was quite pleasant and familiar to me, because when I do ecstasy, I feel about the same “bugs” inside my chest.

I was vigilant enough on the road, but I was still distracted by the music. After my favorite song, my friend and I had no way to choose the next one because we wanted to listen to something from Pink Floyd, every thought I had caused me the strongest euphoria.

5:25 pm Park the car, walk the beach, looking for driftwood, and still singing. I always have one or two tasty cones lying around in my car. I decided to take them with me, so I could get even more mental well-being at the height of the euphoria of the meow. I don’t feel any side effects other than the constant clenched jaws, which are a little uncomfortable.

I have another bump (brought some with me) in the fog, and find some great fishbones and hardwood to make art with and greet a few beach walkers politely. I feel great, and all is well in the world, very well. Along with the little bump, mephedrone seems to behave a bit feisty at the peak of its action. Its effects feel clean, not assertive, like, for example, compared to amphetamine.

6:00 pm Back home, I say a few more lines, again about 20-30 mg. I break three at once and feel the transition from mild stimulation to strong stimulation. I continue a very engaging conversation with my friend (no kidding – it helps you stay clear and present without being snarky or obvious). Get some privacy for a cold beer, and start cooking dinner.

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Still singing (with me it is; I’m not a musician, but it…makes me musical).

6:30 pm It’s time to liven up the music a bit. I turn on a killer playlist of very eclectic electronic stuff, optimistic and very diverse. It all sounds damn good, and I feel great.

A feeling of pleasant slight euphoria runs through my body, it’s a very strong rush. It’s just… Definitely real and pleasant. For me it’s already synonymous with mephedrone and euphoria, that’s the key of this drug, that’s what it’s used for.

I’m too mobile, so far I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet and my friend reminded me that I need an isotonic and I need to replenish the fluids in my body.

Now we decided to make some kind of dinner for the next day, because right now I’m feeling completely full, I don’t need nutrition.

6:55 pm While we were cooking dinner (bolognese sauce and spaghetti) I drank one porter and decided to hit one more, what was left about 80 mg.

Each time I want to catch up with my condition. I always feel like I don’t have enough mephedrone, some half an hour passes and the euphoria starts to leave me, it’s a terrible and frustrating feeling.

After the last track my feet are very cold, they are cold and like wet. I can’t concentrate and my eyes go somewhere, I decide to lie on the couch and talk to my friend while he cooks.

Very chatty: my friend and I talk at length about our travel plans.

Feeling very much jaw compression. Massive and combustible – it makes me uncomfortable. Then my mom calls to catch up. And guess what? I take the call. And we chat like old friends for 10 minutes. She mentions that I’m chatty, and I let her know it’s because I’ve had a great week and because I’ve had some bumps.

She approves and tells me to enjoy the night (she’s not so judgmental, my old duck). I turn off and turn up the volume for some very bassy tunes. Jamie XX’s ‘Gosh’ and some of Gil Scott-Heron’s remixed tracks that sound like homesickness.

Trip Report Mephedrone #3: 400 mg dose Method of use - nasal

7:35 pm I’m starting to dance a little bit. I feel amazing. Now I’m properly up, my body carries a pleasant low hum, and my mind is electrified. My neurons are on fire, a mass of information circulating through my brain, some of it work-related, some of it new ideas for creative projects around the house.

This is the moment when I usually start to feel a little uncomfortable, which to me is a sign that I need to relax and channel my energy into something useful. Which I’m sure many of you will find familiar. So I wash the dishes, clean them, and sweep the house. My friend is very impressed (and he is, as always, under the strain of cooking and listening to music).

7:55 pm Now, after (ehhh, I lost count a bit, but probably 8-10 tracks meow), I’m totally excited and turn on some pretty full on music (Elite Force breaks around 2010) to match the mood.

The bass sounds amazing (and with a slight whiff of amyl, the subtleties of the music really really stand out in new and enticing ways). As expected, my friend doesn’t like to bang on tunes; he’s more of a rocker, preferring to listen to the extended discography of Ray Cooder or J.J. Cale… even being strung out to the gills.

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8:45 pm I pick up very, very mild heart activity: a very slight fluttering, but no heartbeat or any cause for concern. As it happens, I checked my blood pressure after I did a medium-sized strip (probably about 25 minutes later) because I was getting a checkup – and my blood pressure was slightly elevated, but of no real significance.

I listen to tunes outside (now Her Ladies Choice, which is always tasteful) while I chop wood and do evening gardening, whistling as I go, bouncing and weaving music.

Life is good. At this point, my jaw is visibly tense, and I have to remind myself to relax my jaw muscles because sometimes it can and does give me a headache.

A friend suggests we smoke one bump on the depressing effects of meow. We burn through the last night and snack on something, chatting nonstop about our plans, about work, about music (I correctly identify the offbeat rimshot he congratulates me on – and that’s a big deal, because he studied music). Everything is fine, and I’m very pleased.

9:45 pm We all have alprazolam, 0.5 mg, which we wash down with a pint of porter. It is at this point that we are now determined to put the cat (the powder, not the pet) away and ease our way down. And here’s the thing with these things (at least for me and my friend, and for that matter, our friends) – WE HAVE THEIR OWNS AND HOLDINGS. For the true.

After literally 20 minutes, I can feel my body relax and my clenched jaws loosen and the feline excitement gently fade away. I was helped a lot by a joint, a benzo and a half pint of porter.

10:15 pm We decide to lie in bed and get ourselves ready for bed. Everything is easy and super-cool, though we’re both still pretty chatty, and the music sounds ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Bill Laswell’s revisions of Marley & Wailers classics are deeply dubbed. A perfect evening, really.

In bed, after a big gulp of cold water and a last sip of porter. Everything is perfect.

10:35 pm Zzzzzzzzz


I wake up at 9 a.m., feeling quite normal. No hangover is out of the question, just a slight fatigue, but really nothing the coffee won’t take care of.

And then we start doing our own thing, expertly helping a few bumps along the way.

Now I realize this may seem like a bit of a boring experience, but let me be clear: it was a Friday night at home, with commitments for the next day to fulfill.

But in case you’re wondering, the cat as I understand it (and since it’s very available all over my country) can be and is very compatible with a damn wild night, crazy dancing or serious binge eating.

But here you go, folks: this is methcathinone hydrochloride for you. Yes, you can eat it (parachute, capsule, etc.), you can also gag it (a little pinch), but you can’t smoke it in a joint.

I don’t have a fucking idea how to use the powder “in a special way,” and I’ve never been inclined in that direction. I usually just do it the old-fashioned way with lines and irregularities, and I have to say it works for me.