Mephedrone Trip Report #2


Method of use – orally (bomb)

Dosage – 500 mg (250 + 250)

Settingused to use at home, then we went to a friend’s apartment, then walked around town



Other drugstwo pints of stout

Previous tripsI have had many experiences with cannabis, one experience with ketamine and one pregabaline trip. My previous dose of 4-MMC was 250 mg six months before and another 100 mg five weeks before (during a rave). This is my second mephedrone trip report.

Mephedrone Trip Report #2

Mephedrone Trip Report: The Effects of Using 500 mg of 4-MMC

6 p.m. – We went with friends to a bar to hang out and drink alcohol.

8 p.m. – I had two pints of stout. Everyone wanted to go home, but my friend and I decided to buy mephedrone and go to the apartment to consume it.

8:30 p.m. – We decided to use the bombshell method. I weighed myself 250 mg with a scale, tucked it tightly into a large gelatin capsule and swallowed it immediately with a little water. I know that the effects usually start after 15-20 minutes and so we sat down to play a game of console, waiting for the trip.

9:00 p.m. – Playing a console game I start to feel a slight sensation of warmth in my legs, my heart starts to clench and somewhere far away there is euphoria, but it hasn’t reached me yet. After 10 minutes, I start to worry that it was too much of a dose, because my hands start to sweat a lot and my heart starts to pound a lot.

Mephedrone Trip Report: the effects of using 500 mg of 4-MMC

9:30 p.m. – We decided to go for a walk, and I started packing. As I was looking for my jacket, I experienced a severe weakness in my legs and euphoria came over me like a stone from the sky. I didn’t want to go anywhere, I wanted to lie down and told my friend about it. I asked him to talk to me about life and other things, my speech is much faster than usual and I forget what I was talking about. I jump to different topics and can’t control my body.

10:00 p.m.– Sitting on the couch, I begin to realize that I cannot focus my vision on any particular object, everything gets blurry. Everything inside my body starts to clench, especially in my chest. Blood rushes to my genitals and I begin to realize that I want to hug my friend and cuddle with him. My euphoria is uncontrollable, I want to dance, lie down, cuddle, touch myself and everything around me at the same time.

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11:00 p.m. We went for a walk around the city. During the walk, I didn’t notice how an hour passed, during which I was talking uncontrollably with my friend and I got very agitated. I felt that a fall was coming. I could not accept the fall as my euphoria was still in full swing. I want the same feeling I had an hour or two ago. I felt its effects diminishing very quickly (most likely the mephedrone was incomplete or diluted).

I remember we were walking past bars and I wanted to visit each one, and I had a very strong sense of bodily heaviness as I walked. As I walked, it felt like I was walking forward at a 90-degree angle backwards. To the point where it felt like I was walking forward, falling backwards almost every time. I still felt like I was walking on clouds. My perception was very accurate. Still surprised by this, as I had previously had severe amnesia after using it.

Mephedrone Trip Report: the effects of using 500 mg of 4-MMC

11:30 p.m. The euphoria wore off a lot, and I did feel tired. My legs were sore from the long walk, and it no longer gave me pleasure. We went into a bar, I ordered one alcoholic cocktail, then went to the bathroom to do it. I used another 250 mg bomb, but that was a bit pathetic since I didn’t have any more with me.

0:15 a.m. After about 45 minutes, I started to feel the familiar effects I had been waiting for for a very long time. I had trouble standing up straight, and all I could see showed a slight drifting and fragmented view that the edges seemed to take, rolling around in ecstasy.

From 30 minutes to an hour I was overwhelmed with erotic tension that made me not want to move for a good twenty minutes, the bar was playing dip house, no one was dancing, but I really wanted to move. The visuals were good, but they were relatively soft and traceable if you concentrate on them, but really these “visuals” were not the focus of the trip, so I won’t talk about visuals anymore.

1:00 a.m.It was a time filled with wonder and amazement about everything. There was a confidence and optimism that is hard for me to achieve in my sober state. The strangest of all the effects for me was the auditory distortion.

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I’m a musician, and this is the first time I’ve ever had any kind of auditory hallucination, so it was kind of a stunning experience to hear a marked difference in all the sounds I was experiencing. The bar turned on one of my favorite albums, Cake’s Fashion Nugget. At the time, it seemed like the distortion was only noticeable on familiar songs with vocal parts.

1:30 a.m.We went for a walk outside. At this point I feel like I just bounced back from the blow, but I still feel really high. Heck, I didn’t regret the second dose! I’m on a cloud of pleasant mental comfort. The sounds of the street are perceived much more richly. I feel warm, and the thought occurs to me that I’d like to be in this state all my life. I have no worries, I have only intense euphoria.

I have no side effects other than heart palpitations and sweating. Yes, my sweat reeks of mephedrone, very much so. It’s amazing! Even better than my previous experience with 3-MMC! I feel warm and comfortable and have tiny clouds in my head, wow! Satisfaction is top notch! Wet hands, slight twitching of the eyes.

2:30 a.m.I don’t know why I call it tiny clouds in my head, but I feel the need to describe it as such, even though it doesn’t make sense. I usually drink too much isotonic during a mephedrone session, but now I forgot to buy any at all. My throat is already blocking everything, and I went to the store with a friend for an isotonic and to the pharmacy for alpha-lipoic acid. I wanted to tell some story to a friend, but completely lost my train of thought.

3:30 a.m.The plateau is starting to go away, I can feel the euphoria starting to leave me, I’m getting more and more eager to do it again. I think that at this point the mephedrone started to lose its effects. The visual distortions are quite noticeable now. I don’t think it would have been as bad if I hadn’t been taking at least 250 mg instead of 500. For example, if I look long at a store sign, it wobbles and «breathes». We went to a friend’s house, when we got there I decided to lie down on the couch, turned on some interesting and sad video.

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3:45 a.m. – The euphoria is beginning to fade, but I still feel very good. This is where I’m not sure of the point. Either I originally took the “bad” meth and subconsciously ignored any visual effects I could get and concentrated on the side effects. Or the second option, I was taking real pure mephedrone, but needed to be at home and enjoying the euphoria and conversation with a friend, and not drinking alcohol. I’m starting to notice that the room is full of “spiders,” and I mean everywhere.

They hover over my desk in clumps, squawking at each other. There are also a few flying bugs. Apparently these are some kind of illusions and my vision will be like this for a long time, I see the usual dark spots, but I imagine they are bugs. I’m pretty busy. I look up carelessly and notice a “web” on the ceiling of my entire room, and there are so many spiders. There are just so many spiders. I find it very interesting to watch such post-effects, they don’t bother me.

4:00 a.m.I think it was at this point that I decided to go and get my friend and ask him for sober advice. I’m not sure why it wasn’t obvious at this point, but something feels a little off. I ask him what he thinks of all the spiders I see covering my desk, floating in the air and all. I see something on her clothes. We confirm that, at this point, I’m absolutely baffled. It’s mild euphoria, and mostly visual effects, distortions, and “mild hallucinations”.

Mephedrone Trip Report: the effects of using 500 mg of 4-MMC

4:30 a.m.I don’t feel euphoric or happy or calm. I’m pretty nervous, considering that spiders are two of my biggest fears. I recorded them and could still see them on video. I thought they were real. It’s kind of incomprehensible, I know that doesn’t happen with mephedrone use, but I’m sure of what I saw. Let this be an interesting lesson for everyone.

Maybe the stout I was drinking was to blame. Other than a slight “tactile enhancement” and visual distortion no other effects I get. It’s safe to say I’m sober, but my depression bothers me, I can’t sleep, I’m sad and want to go back. It’s very hard and I don’t know what to do about it.