How does addiction to mephedrone cathinone occur?


Methylephedrone (mephedrone cathinone) is a synthetic amphetamine-type drug, an euphoretic and a powerful CNS psychostimulant. It is a white powdery substance that looks like flour or salt. This is partly true, because mephedrone is the basis of the substance known among drug addicts as “bath salt”.

The drug is widely known among young people between the ages of 15 and 26. According to a 2017 study, patients of drug dispensaries were most often people aged 25-30 years old, but in the last couple of years, the shift has been towards young women. Now more and more drug addicts appear among girls aged 16-18.

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In nature, the drug is found in the leaves of the Kat shrub, which grows in Africa. Ancient shamans and aborigines long ago learned about the properties of the substance and chewed the leaves of the shrub to improve their mood. They also knew that the euphoric rush is always followed by sadness and decline in energy.

To date, there are several varieties of mephedrone, differing from each other in the content of various impurities that affect the color of the drug, ranging from light yellow to gray.

What are other names for mephedrone cathinone?

The slang name of the drug “meow” comes from an abbreviation derived from the English name of the substance formula 4-MMCathinone — “meow meow cat”.

Because of the method of manufacture, the drug is also called “designer”. Many varieties of synthetic drugs are created on the basis of mephedrone — when legislation prohibits one molecule, the creators slightly change the composition of the compound, and the drug gets a new “design” with the old effect. The peculiarity is that drug dealers gain the time during which the new drug composition is entered into the register of prohibited substances.

How People Buy Mephedrone ?In this article you can learn about the safest and best method of buying mephedrone.

Features of mephedrone

The way the drug is administered has a strong influence on the level of intoxication in the body, because some are much more likely to cause an overdose than others.

For example, taking mephedrone orally allows a person to be aware of the amount of drug being consumed, while intravenous injection makes it more difficult because unconsciousness can occur shortly afterward. In addition, injecting mephedrone into the bloodstream can lead to blood clots, damage to veins, and infections.

With oral consumption, people tend to abuse large amounts of the drug, which leads to the development of dependence and immunity. As a result, the sensation is less and the desire to use grows more and more.

How does addiction to mephedrone cathinone occur?

Why mephedrone is addictive

A friend of mine once said that the sensation of using mephedrone is comparable to having amazing sex with the person you love, feeling the best and getting everything you want at the same time.

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A real fireworks of bright emotions, which after a while leads to their complete dulling.

The highly addictive properties of mephedrone are due to its stimulant effects. They allow the substance to release more dopamine than usual, which leads to feelings of calmness and relaxation. When mixed with alcohol, the psychostimulant properties of mephedrone manifest themselves in a vivid form and can lead to rapid heartbeat and blue limbs.

Addiction to mephedrone occurs after the first dose, and tolerance to it increases within the first few weeks. The loss of brightness of sensations and reduction of the euphoric effect testify to the development of immunity. This is why drug addicts often dream of repeating the “effect of the first dose”.

One dose = several years of addiction

Bella is now 21 years old. A couple of years ago, she and her friends were at a nightclub when one of them suggested that she and her friend go to his apartment and continue the evening there.

According to Bella, she was still a child, so she was attracted to the idea of reckless acts and carefree fun. She easily joined the party, where her first dose of mephedrone, which turned into several years of addiction, was waiting for her.

When we contacted Bella in late January, she had already been clean for a month. The girl shared with the editorial staff her experience and her own story of how mephedrone had affected her life.

mephedrone cathinone (4-MMC)

Where it all began

As soon as the apartment door closed, my friend went to the kitchen and began to spread thin tracks of white powder on the table. I knew it was a drug, but I didn’t know anything about its effects and consequences.

We had all had a lot to drink, so my mind was foggy. A friend suggested I try it, and my curiosity won out. That was the first time I used mephedrone — I took the first trip and in ten seconds I sobered up instantly. The picture of what was going on around me stopped distorting, and it seemed to me that I became absolutely sober.

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When the drug took effect, I felt like the happiest person in the world.

I felt euphoric, energized and eager to socialize with people. So we spent the rest of the evening talking about different topics. MCAT is usually the time to talk.

How does addiction to mephedrone cathinone occur?

At what point did it turn into a mephedrone addiction

At first, I used meow-meow much more often, because the sensations are much more pleasant when not used to it, and the “withdrawals” are easier than after a long time. When I became addicted, I started using about every 2-3 days.

Like all drug addicts, for a long time I thought that every track was nothing more than pampering, that I was not an addict and I did not have any addictions. The realization of the problem came after four months of daily use. It was like an electric shock: I counted how much time had passed since the first party — 4 months.

“Ok, I said to myself — I have a mephedrone addiction, what do I do next?”

4-MMC divided my life into “before” and “after”. With the advent of drugs, I lost all desire to study, work, achieve goals and do anything at all. The main goal was to use. And then again, again and again to feel the familiar euphoria.

Because when you are not high, the world becomes too gray, boring and monotonous to exist in it.

When you use for a long time, you lose your mental clarity and your ability to feel emotions. There is no emotion at all — no joy or anger. Something really important can happen, and you’re just like, “okay”. And that’s it, you don’t feel anything.

I started to notice that after I stopped using, gradually my emotions came back to me and became more vivid — the way they should be. I remember that being happy or angry seemed strange and unusual at first.

drug use mephedrone cathinone

Drug addiction clouds the mind a lot and can completely change a person’s personality. But I believe that if one is strong, one can get out of it too.

Now I consider it as an experience and I am more glad than upset that I tried drugs when I was young. I’ve met many people who got hooked on it in their 30s and 40s, and their addiction caught up with them at an advanced age, when they already have families and children. It’s horrible.

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What helped me quit mephedrone

I tried to quit mephedrone about six months ago. I went far away to the suburbs, where there was little temptation to get mephedrone. In other words, it was my way of trying to escape from problems with work, school and debts.

When I returned to the city, everything started again, but I had a feeling that something had changed. I started using once a week, and more often than not, even once a month. This happened only when someone offered me “for company”; I was no longer looking for a dose on my own.

Mephedrone is not the hardest drug, but you can’t give it up right away. It seemed to me that over time my body began to develop immunity.

With each new dose I didn’t feel as good as the first time, and eventually I didn’t want to use meph at all.

I suddenly realized that I needed to start living instead of existing from one dose to another. What helps me in my fight against addiction is the thought that I have people close to me who need me. Every time I would “snort” down the road, all I had in my head was the thought that instead of drugs, I could be helping my family right now. I think that’s what keeps me hanging on.

Now I only have obsessive thoughts about drugs when I’m drunk or when I’ve been through a situation that has resulted in psychological pain. Mephedrone is like a painkiller for my soul.

Consequences of mephedrone use

Under the influence of the drug slowly but surely all spheres of life are destroyed.

  • Mental – diseases such as severe depression, panic attacks, increased anxiety, personality disorders can develop from a “dormant” state into a chronic one if there is a hereditary predisposition. Often the trigger is the use of drugs.
  • Psychological – there is a prolonged apathy, suicidal tendencies, loss of general motivation for life and social disorientation.
  • Biological – the activity of the body decreases, the activity of vital internal systems is disturbed and body weight is lost.
  • Spiritual – rapid degradation of personality and moral and ethical principles after the first dose of drugs will not be long in coming.
  • Social – the circle of friends and acquaintances narrows, there are problems in personal, friendly or working relationships.